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Student Loan Forgiveness

Employees may be eligible for student loan forgiveness under several different programs such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF), Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL), and Teacher Loan Forgiveness. It is incumbent upon the employee to check with his or her loan servicer to determine eligibility. To learn more, visit https://studentaid.gov/manage-loans/forgiveness-cancellation?src=ft. If you have a Perkins Loan, you should contact the school that made the loan or the loan servicer the school has designated.

Employees can email their documents to hr_requests@roundrockisd.org or fax to 512-464-5043.

Additional Loan Forgiveness Information

Federal, state, and public service loan forgiveness programs are available to teachers.

  • All school personnel can take advantage of the public service program. Information can be found on the Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness page on the TEA website.
  • Additional loan forgiveness options, including loan forgiveness for educators who are not classroom teachers, are found on the Student Loan Forgiveness for Teachers page on the TEA website. Additional loan forgiveness programs may or may not be affected by Texas shortage area designations.

Educators should contact their loan servicer for loan forgiveness information and the amount of loan forgiveness they are eligible to receive. The loan holder, not TEA, has authority regarding the provision of that allowance.